Hide and Seek

European Script Award

Hide and Seek

Simor Glasenko / Ukraine / 2019 / 46 min / Drama, Thriller
Russian / Subtitles English

An everyday situation: father and daughter are playing hide-and-seek in their apartment. The game becomes a nightmare when the child seems to have really disappeared. A series with unbearable suspense, which feeds on the greyness of small Ukrainian industrial towns.

The abduction of a child and its nightmarish consequences is a theme often addressed in recent years in TV fiction. From Broadchurch to True Detective, via the recent Sharp Objects, the topic is often an opportunity to implicitly explore the disarray of small industrial towns at the dawn of the third millennium. Here, this approach gives particular flavor to the narrative, which takes place in post-Soviet Ukraine.

Simor Glasenko
Iryna Gromozda
Simor Glasenko, Oleksandr Protsiuk
FILM.UA (Kateryna Vyshnevska), FILM.UA (Viktor Mirskiy)
Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Yuliya Abdel Fattakh, Pyotr Rykov, Evgeniya Gladiy
ICTV Ukraine

Simor Glasenko / Ukraine, 1985
2019, Hide and Seek
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