Algorithmic Perfumery


Algorithmic Perfumery

Swiss Premiere
Frederik Duerinck / Netherlands, United States / 2019 / 50 min / Experimental, Installation interactive
English, French, Dutch, German

A perfume. Your perfume. Born from the analysis, by artificial intelligence, of your answers to a questionnaire and composed on the spot, for you, by a mechanical perfume organ. So, what is your real scent, according to the machine? Warning, limited places!

Available in FR / EN / NL / DE

Algorithmic Perfumery develops customized smells based on individual characteristics. Invited to answer a series of questions about their perceptions, tastes and personality, visitors receive a unique perfume generated by artificial intelligence and made on the spot! An olfactory, interactive and sensory installation that reinvents the future of perfumery by placing the human at the center of the creative process.

Frederik Duerinck
Key collaborators
Anahita Mekanik (Co initiator)
Duerinck Productions (Frederik Duerinck)
Scentronix (Frederik Duerinck)
Scentronix (Frederik Duerinck), Scentronix (Vincent Soffers)